TIDE (Together for Intercultural and Diverse Europe)

The name of the project, TIDE is an acronym derived from Together for Intercultural and Diverse Europe.


The main goal of the project is to encourage intercultural, inclusive and creative environment. Diversity is seen as an opportunity for creating an atmosphere where students love to learn and teachers love to teach. By enhancing personal and professional competencies, knowledge and skills, we have an opportunity to improve our students’ competencies and develop their intercultural competencies.

In order to achieve our goals we are planned 13 mobility activities including job shadowing and structured seminars. Six of our teachers participated in a job shadowing activity in Finland, Italy, UK, and Portugal. In order to enhance bilingual teaching, bilingual programme, three teachers attendended CLIL courses in Ireland, UK, and Malta. Four teachers  attended structured seminars in Italy, UK, and Malta.


All participants developed five teaching units These teaching units will be published on TwinSpace using eTwinning platform, and will be available for our teachers as well as teachers in other schools. Teachers participating in the project will relate three teaching topics from their course and cooperate with other course teachers following the example of the new Finnish national curriculum, thus transforming course based teaching to the combined, content based approach.


Learning outcomes will be disseminated within peers, to all teachers interested, to students, their parents and general public. It will also contribute to the enhancement of school’s capacity to function on an international level.