Cambridge International Centre

The school met all the standards required to become a registered Cambridge International Examinations Centre HR006 on 29 October 2008, becoming the first public school in Croatia offering IGCSE, AS and A level qualifications for both our students and private candidates.  See: 



Exam entry procedure:

  • Fill in the entry form (link CIE entry form private candidates) and email it to by 7. July 2023.

In the subject line write: CIE exam entry, Name and Surname

  • Exam payment to:

School giro account number:  3923900011100015641

Poziv na br. primatelja:  6615111- OIB* (write down your personal identification number – OIB)

Opis plaćanja:  Cambridge ispiti

Deadline for exam payment is 7. July 2023.

If the exam is not paid by this date, it will not be entered in the CIE database.

  • Candidates will receive an email: CIE Direct Electronic Statement of Entry .

Check the Statement of Entry, if any data in the Statement of Entry is incorrect, please email us at .

If you do not contact us, we will assume that the data in the Statement of Entry is correct.

Exam timetable is available at

The dates, exam time, rooms will be on the school website when all entries have been completed.


Exam fees for X. gimnazija Ivan Supek High School students:

IGCSE level – 112,82 € (850,00 HRK)

AS level – 139,40 € (1050,00 HRK)

A level – 199,10 € (1.500,00 HRK)

Practical part of the exam – an additional payment of  46,45 € (350,00 HRK)


Exam Fees for Private Candidates:

IGCSE level – 152,63€ (1.150,00 kuna)

As level – 165,90€ (1.250,00 kuna)

A level – 232,27€ (1.750,00 kuna)

Practical part of the Exam – 73€ (550 kuna (additionally))





For any general information regarding Cambridge Assessment International Examinations you can contact the bilingual coordinators Tanja Jovanović,, Karolina Horvatin, or the exams officer Marija Roth, 
For specific subject exam information, you can contact the following teachers:
Physics: Natasa Rudolf,
Chemistry: Frances Gugic Novosel,
English as a Second Language: Tanja Jovanovic,
Biology: Danijel Skrtic,
Sociology: Marina Sokcevic,
                  Juraj Rukavina,