Extra-curricular Activities

The Pasch Project (Schools: partners for the future) aims to develop a network of at least 1,000 partner schools world-wide. On February 2nd, 2009 our school officially became part of the Pasch Project, enabling students learning German, to participate in many various Pasch Projects supported by The Goethe Institute. These include summer courses, student scholarships and participation in national and international Pasch school competitions. Students can take the Fit in the Deutsch 1 and 2 international exam.

As a host school for Rotary exchange students, we have great experience in promoting the international dimension of education, intercultural awareness and language diversity.


Apart from extra-curricular activities such as drama club, the Cener school magazine club, film club, debate club, choir, volunteer club, first aid club, the Cenerice dance club, museum club, sports clubs, school theatre club.  Many of our students take part in both the national and international competitions in nearly all the subjects.


Our school participates in numerous educational projects and is often the initiator of various activities both at the local and international level. We also organize and take part in various social and cultural projects such as: Ivan Supek days, School Laboratory of Fame, European Language Day, Interesting Maths, Vukovar -Remembrance Day, Christmas Fair, Carnival, Anne Frank Day, field trips and excursions.

We support the project initiated in the year 2005 promoting non-violence and tolerance. Since 2007 we have been part of the pilot project „Self-Evaluation of Schools“ organised by the National Centre for External Evaluation. Also, a number of our teachers are members of the State Matura (high school leaving exam) Board as well as the Curricular reform.