Bilingual programme

“In a bilingual education context, a bilingual is a student who is meeting curriculum expectations in those subjects taught either primarily through the first language (L1) or primarily through the second language (L2)” 

Peeter Mehisto “Excellence in Bilingual Education”, CUP 2014

Bilingual teaching is „value-added“ education and quite often a motor for reform. There are several potential benefits of bilingualism and are directly connected to various fields such as language awareness, culture, social cohesion and international relations.

The aims of bilingual teaching are:

  • to provide students with excellent language and communication competencies
  • to apply, where possible, a modern and internationally recognised curriculum
  • to prepare students for their further education and occupation
  • to encourage good teaching practice and establish world-wide recognized standards
  • to offer a blend of national curricula and international components


There are 8 bilingual classes. The bilingual programme was founded in 2007 and is partly financed by student tuitions. Around 200 students in the science and math gymnasium or the general gymnasium curriculum as outlined by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, are taught a number of subjects in English.

Teaching is conducted in modern classrooms that enable a creative, technologically advanced and contemporary teaching approach.

Our school has the approval of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports to teach the following subjects bilingually:


The bilingual subjects:

Elective and optional subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Ethics
  • Sociology
  • Art
  • Mathematics  – elective and optional
  • Physics – elective and optional
  • Chemistry – elective and optional
  • Sociology – elective and optional
  • Computer Studies – elective and optional
  • English – optional


English as the optional subject in the 4 years of the bilingual programme  prepares students for the IGCSE and As level English language exam.