Teach, learn, develop – collaboratively!

The name of our project is “Teach, learn, develop – collaboratively!” so we want to make it known that emphasis is placed on cooperation between teachers, but also among students because it is easier, faster and better when we develop together through mutual teaching and learning from each other.

The main goal of the project is to initiate and promote collaborative learning both among teachers and students, and thus create an atmosphere in which teachers enjoy teaching and students enjoy learning. Through collaborative learning, we would like to initiate and develop various literacy (reading, mathematical, natural, financial and digital), professional competencies and generic competencies. We would also like to stress out the importance of lifelong learning as a key to a more successful and bright future.

We are going to organise collaborative learning among teachers by moving away from the routine of teaching each subject separately towards the thematic curriculum development, so teachers of different subjects will prepare a teaching unit together for their students.
All project participants have committed to prepare three to five teaching units using new knowledge, skills and competencies and make them available to all interested parties. All these materials will be published on the TwinSpace eTwinning platform.

The project’s expected impact on teachers are increased professional and generic competencies, through them students as well; increased the international visibility of the school; creation of teaching materials using new knowledge, skills and competences.